Creating a positive intern experience at Zuora

If you search the internet for a background on the idea of internships, you’ll find out how the concept equates to the apprenticeship of medieval times. Imagine living with your boss until your training was completed ?…but at least they fed you! ? So, what does it mean to be an intern in today’s world […]

ZEO Wellness Day: July Highlight

ZEOs kicked off July with a global Wellness Day off, one of many we’ve introduced as a way to carve out space and time for our ZEOs to rest and refuel. There’s no shortage of ways to spend this extra time, but the thread that ties all of us together? We take advantage of our […]

June’s Look Back on Giving

Our ZEOs were busy giving back during June! From supporting Bay Area Youth to river clean-up in Japan, our teams are passionate about giving back to their communities. Check out more of the amazing things our ZEOs accomplished this past month. Customer Primacy Supports Bay-Area Entrepreneurial Youth Grant Lewis, a customer strategist on the Customer […]