Nexi offers subscription payment services with Zuora

Nexi offers subscription payment services with Zuora

XPay, the gateway of Nexi, Europe’s PayTech for e-commerce, today announced its payment services are now powered by Zuora®, which powers the full quote to cash and revenue recognition process for more than 1,000 companies worldwide. 

With Zuora, corporate customers of Nexi’s partner banks will be able to offer a subscription payment experience that provides greater flexibility and security: end customers will be able to pay for digital services online with a credit card, without having to enter their data each time. They will be able to suspend and reactivate a service with maximum convenience, pay for what they consume, and update their data in real time.

Zuora will enable Nexi to expand the range of its e-commerce services for businesses by integrating a best-in-class solution that offers speed and convenience while ensuring maximum security. 

“The partnership with Zuora allows us to strengthen our e-commerce capabilities, which according to data from the Politecnico di Milano, grew by 21 percent in 2021, touching 39.4 billion euros, thanks to online purchases from 46.1 million Italian consumers. Our goal is to grow further in this channel, which is increasingly strategic in our country’s economy,” said Dirk Pinamonti, head of e-commerce at Nexi.

“With Zuora’s full quote to cash and revenue recognition capabilities, Nexi is able to provide Italian subscription-based companies with an innovative, reliable and secure tool,” said Paulo Baptista, Zuora AVP EMEA South.


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