Announcing New 2021 Impact Fund Partnerships

Announcing New 2021 Impact Fund Partnerships

At Zuora, we believe the World Subscribed is a better world. 


By facilitating access over ownership, the Subscription Economy has the ability to democratize goods and services for all. It brings new freedoms (time, place, potential) we didn’t have before. It creates sustainable communities by more efficiently using resources and commodities. And, it puts people and relationships at the center of every interaction. All these factors are essential to creating understanding and collaboration.


However, it’s not guaranteed that every individual is able to unlock the benefits of the Subscription Economy on their own. At Zuora, we have a responsibility to ensure that the Subscription Economy is an inclusive economy; that what we’re pioneering enables accessibility and participation for all within their local communities.


To address this, and the Zuora Impact Fund strategically align with nonprofits committed to building more equitable educational structures, providing innovative workforce development opportunities, and those that support under-represented entrepreneurs. 


Each year, we seek to bring on a small group of new nonprofit partners that have demonstrated the ability to place job seekers in roles that enable upward income mobility and offer opportunities for ZEO’s to engage in their mission and work. Our partner pool grows each year as we continue to nurture existing partners, while bringing on new organizations. To fuel this work, Zuora makes an annual contribution of $1 million to the Zuora Impact Fund.  


Today, we’re very excited to announce three new organizations joining the Zuora Impact Fund strategic partner community; Climb Hire, dev/Mission and Upwardly Global. These organizations not only provide access to resources, training and career pathways, but they’re committed wholeheartedly to empowering their constituents to propel their lives and careers forward and achieve new levels of economic stability. 


To support the work of these organizations, the Zuora Impact Fund has issued general operating grants to allow flexibility in fund allocation, something that has proven critical this past year with so many changing external factors. Throughout 2021 we aim to deepen our relationships by providing opportunities for ZEO volunteering, creating apprentice and internship opportunities inside of Zuora, and becoming a diverse hiring channel for these talented job seekers. 


Learn more about our new partners:

  • Climb Hire is on a mission to create economic opportunity for overlooked and hidden talent. Not only do they train working adults for entry level jobs in corporate America but at the core of their program they aim to more equally distribute social capital. By expanding the professional networks of job seekers and connecting them with other working professionals, they’re creating lasting relationships that transform lives. 80% of their alumni have either doubled or tripled their incomes with their blend of skills and relationships. 


  • dev/Mission trains young people for tech careers that allow them to stay in the Bay Area, support their families, and contribute to making their communities a better place. Through partnering with local tech companies, they take tech education directly to the communities where young people live to help them reimagine what’s possible for their lives and access the opportunities they need to succeed.


  • Upwardly Global seeks to eliminate employment barriers for internationally trained immigrants and refugee professionals, and advance the inclusion of this population into the professional U.S. workforce. Their innovative skill-building and networking programs support immigrants in rebuilding professional careers and U.S. employers in accessing their talents with equitable hiring practices. To date, Upwardly Global has trained nearly 18,000 people, adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy each year.


We’re thrilled to welcome Climb Hire, dev/Mission and Upwardly Global to the Zuora family. 


For more information on the work of and the Zuora Impact Fund, we welcome you to have a look at our 2020 Impact Report or visit


And, if you’re interested in partnering with us please reach out to

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