Happy National Intern Day!

By Anastasia Breeze, Corporate Communications Intern

With two-thirds of the summer down, Zuora is rounding out the month with National Intern Day 2020! Given such an uncertain and unprecedented summer this year, it is no doubt that Zuora’s interns are grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and make shift happen. We caught up with a few more of our InternZ and we are thrilled to introduce some new faces of the Zuora family and recognize their work as they reflect on their accomplishments so far. Let’s check out who Zuora is shaping to be the future leaders of the Subscription Economy!


Within just his first few weeks at Zuora, Sharath Palathingal felt that he had asked more questions and learned more material than he had in most of his college classes. As a freshman studying computer science, he felt underprepared as his first full-time internship. However, Sharath explains that his managers and fellow interns have supported him every step along his journey at Zuora. “They’ve facilitated an experience which my classmates would surely benefit from,” says Sharath. As an international student at Georgia Institute of Technology, Sharath is excited about learning more about the innovative and captivating tech work culture in the U.S. He hopes to learn and grow both technically and as a person from my fellow interns and managers.

Sharath comes to Zuora as a soccer fan (Forza Juve!), a 5-year card trick magician and a world traveller, with seven countries already under his belt.


Just a few months ago, Katherine Vangaever was studying abroad in the south of France. Since then, Katherine has not only picked up painting as a hobby, but has also been serving as Zuora’s Content Marketing Intern! As a senior majoring in economics and international relations at Hobart and Smith Colleges, Katherine has loved learning more about the tech world and the subscription economy. She’s written pieces for Subscribed Institute covering pricing and sustainability and is still excited to learn more every day.

Katherine shares, “Zuora is an incredibly fun place to work and everyone is so friendly!” She enjoys working with such a knowledgeable and forward-thinking team and looks forward to what the rest of summer will bring!


U.C. Berkeley senior, Ashley Frans can’t imagine a better place to learn and grow than at Zuora. Describing Zuora’s culture as amazing, welcoming, encouraging and collaborative, software engineer Ashley has never felt intimidated when asking questions, presenting ideas or asserting opinions. “The work I’ve done,” she says, “has been so immersive that I feel like I am a meaningful contributor to the team rather than just a temporary intern.” Ashley has been most excited to work with an amazing team on fascinating projects this summer. She’s eager to learn all that she can, while getting to know her fellow interns and engineer peers.

When she’s not studying data or computer science, loves catching the ultimate sunset or attending the hottest concert– she’s seen 20 artists in two years!


For Eli Goldberg, it was hard to imagine a company with both great products and a great work environment. At Zuora, however, this combination has become his reality. Eli found that every ZEO is interested in helping each other and the overall company succeed as much as possible. A senior at Yeshiva University, double majoring in computer science and math, Eli is excited to learn as much as he can about Zuora this summer as a software engineer. He highlights how, “Zuora is at the top of its field in the subscription economy, while the people here are all really bright and awesome to work with.” Eli is grateful to his managers, team members and fellow interns for their constant support through his internship so far.

You wouldn’t know from his Zoom profile picture, but Eli has never owned a smartphone, has eaten a watermelon rind (although does not recommend!) and enjoys tether ball and skipping rocks. Definitely inspiration for some quarantine challenges and activities!

Eli, Ashley Katherine and Sharath have been killing the intern game! We’re so proud of all the summer 2020 internZ and can’t wait to see them in the final lap of their positions this August!

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