Welcome to the Spring '18 Launch

Welcome to the Spring '18 Launch

We’re excited to announce Zuora’s latest launch – Spring ‘18. It’s the biggest one yet and a great milestone for order-to-revenue in the subscription world.

When we work with our customers, we regularly see the amount of pressure that finance teams are under to support the growth of the business. All in the all, we see companies struggling with:

  • Order management over a subscription lifecycle. Much of revenue for subscription companies come from expansion into the existing customer base, so capturing and processing change orders is a critical part of any finance team’s success.
  • The amount of time it takes for Accounts Receivable management. Manually reconciling transactions, write-offs, and unpaid invoices often cut across across multiple systems and multiple spreadsheets.
  • Recurring collections challenges. Companies see increasingly more revenue leakage and involuntary churn due to ineffective collections processes.

We’ve worked with a number of early adopters on these features, and are excited to share it today in the Spring ’18 Launch. Here’s what’s new:



First, welcome Zuora Orders. The long-awaited Subscription Orders Upgrade completely reimagines subscription order management:

  • New Subscription Orders Engine, completely unmatched in the market, enables customers to:
    • Drive growth with built-in ramps for any deal
    • Make multiple changes to a subscription concurrently
    • Mass update multiple subscriptions at once
  • New configurable dashboard that provides key bookings metrics and trends
  • Structured and complete orders data required for ASC 606 compliant revenue recognition


new Workflow platform service brings greater automation to your work in Zuora

  • Easy, drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Automate everything using conditional logic, rules, and actions explicitly built to work with Zuora
  • Integrate quickly to other systems using workflow and remove dependency on custom code



Zuora Collect: A new product that lets your team take on recurring collections in Zuora

  • Collect More: Maximize chances of collections success by making it as easy for customers to pay with a self-service web portal or multiple payment methods for one subscription.
  • Minimize Churn: Target delinquent churn by giving customers  credit card processing success with intelligent retry logic.
  • Reduce Costs: Maximize automation to handle recurring collections with configurable business workflows and a centralized UI with complete data and dunning capabilities.

Zuora Billing: New Invoice Settlement capabilities give you greater control through the entire AR process.

  • Manage payment operations flexibly the way customers want with payment applications and unapplied payments
  • Align with widely adopted accounting mechanisms for correcting, adjusting and managing account balances with credit and debit memos
  • Enjoy granular control, reporting, and accounting with line item settlement




We’re excited to share the latest and greatest. If you have questions, head on over to community.zuora.com.


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