Growth, impact, and belonging as a Managed Services Engineer at Zuora 

Growth, impact, and belonging as a Managed Services Engineer at Zuora 

Meet Esteban Abarca, one of Zuora’s Managed Services Engineers located in Costa Rica. Today, we sat down to chat with him to get the inside scoop on his dynamic role at Zuora, why he was excited to join the team, and his experience as a ZEO. 


Managed Services Engineer at Zuora? What’s a typical day like?

At Zuora, we provide specialized services to our customers, and my role as a Managed Services Engineer is like being their personal account manager for a short time. I work closely with our customers, diving deeply to understand our customers’ unique needs and dedicate myself to meeting those needs. It’s very dynamic and customized work. No two projects are the same.

A typical day is a mix of technical problem-solving and customer interaction. I get to use both my finance and software skills to talk to customers about navigating their subscription needs and how to help drive their desired results. 


What’s one really important way that you work with the GS team?

The Support Team at Zuora, known as GS (Global Support), plays a crucial role. They’re the first line of solutions for our customers. So, my role relies on that team to document and clearly share all of the information that could benefit a resolution. As a Managed Services Engineer, I come in and help our main point of contact for many customer interactions. Our connections and collaborations make the best experience for our customers.


How did you end up at Zuora, and what drew you here?

My journey to Zuora is a bit unconventional. I started in digital animation but switched to finance and operations. Eventually, I began a degree in computer engineering, and that’s when a recruiter reached out to me for a managed services role at Zuora. What really drew me in was the company culture – it perfectly aligned with my values.


What’s a moment that made you feel especially proud to be part of Zuora?

I feel proud every day, but the moments when I can offer a different perspective or innovative ideas to my team, thanks to my diverse work experience and background, are very rewarding. 

We bring our work into our team meetings and my one-on-one’s with my manager, and everyone listens and wants to dig in to solve. There’s a feeling of no hierarchy. We’re all in it working together, and even if we have higher positions or lower, the only difference is some knowledge. I truly feel that the leaders are there to support the team. It’s always a good time to speak up, and I always feel safe if I need to say something, no matter how different it is from others. Zuora and all ZEOs value contributions from every angle and every level. 


What do you think sets Zuora apart as a place to work?

Zuora’s culture is a standout feature. It’s a place where you don’t feel like you’re just working. The flexibility, high-pressure challenges, and focus on taking care of employees create a unique and comfortable environment. It’s all a testament to the company’s investment in its people and their well-being. 

I’m also interested in Zuora’s unique approach to subscription software. It offers something beyond the ordinary, making it stand out in the software industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is impressive.


How is Zuora helping you grow in your career?

Customer needs can feel like high-pressure situations, but they arise because our customers are unique and our team is constantly learning. I’m supported to take the risk of solving problems independently, which helps me grow and become a valuable resource. So, now I don’t stress when the stakes feel high; I thrive in it.

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