Price Books App now available in Zuora Connect Marketplace

August 29, 2017

Having multiple price points for each product is essential to flexible pricing and maximizing dollars for your services. However, setting different pricing and discounting based on your own criteria can be tedious, especially when multiple systems are involved.

That’s why we’re now offering Price Book App in our Zuora Connect Marketplace.

Zuora Connect is our applications marketplace that provides our customers with additional functionality on top of the Zuora Central platform. All connect apps are available straight from the Zuora user interface. These apps are made by Zuora or other third parties and certified by Zuora so Zuora customers can configure the right combination of functionalities for their business.

Zuora’s Price Books app simplifies the process by integrating to the Zuora product catalog and centralizing your pricing maintenance. With its ease of configuration and breadth of APIs, the application can be used to define multiple price points based on one or more attributes. Our Price Book App allows users to specify various price points and price or discount overrides for any charge in a product catalog.

Many price books can be used in situations where pricing strategies need to be separated. As an example, one price book can have prices based on sales channel and regions while another can hold pricing based on other customer-specific attributes.

How can your organization benefit from price book? You can quickly attract new or existing users with specific data pricing. You can have multiple price points for each charge and you can have price points for one attribute—or for as many attributes—as you want.

Watch the demo for more information about price books and how to use this app.


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