Managing Sales Operations Throughout the Subscription Lifecycle

Managing Sales Operations Throughout the Subscription Lifecycle

A shift is happening in the subscription economy, a disruption in the way businesses are pivoting their traditional product-centric business models towards “as a service” customer engagement. However, the shift in customer engagement is just the start.

Sales team structure and associated compensation are two of the most important factors that Finance and Operations will need to address as they make this transformation.

Xactly has been working with Zuora to make it easier for companies to make this transition to the subscription relationship. The data feed from Zuora that tracks the entire subscriber lifecycle feeds into Xactly’s Incentive Compensation Management software so that sales teams can focus on the measures and successes, instead of wondering if and when they will be paid (and without needing to check for accuracy).

Join us on September 28, 2016 at Club Auto Sport in San Jose for a panel session featuring, Zuora, Avalara, and Xactly as we discuss how to manage the sales operations complexities of the subscription lifecycle.

Takeaways from this live session include:

  • How to structure your organization and compensation to focus on not only sourcing, but retaining customers
  • Utilizing compensation to drive sales motivation aligned to recurring revenue
  • How to support flexible sales comp structures

Register now for this Subscription Economy Business Breakfast, September 28, 2016 in San Jose.

And check out our guide Subscription Sales Compensation: 4 Tips for Building an Incentive Plan

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