The Transformation of IT Operations

May 10, 2016

As businesses look to become more competitive and meet the growing demands of globalization, they need to develop agility and use flexible, scalable tools.

“Taking an operational approach to IT not only improves efficiency, but it’s proven to be cost effective, enabling a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ revolution. Businesses and people alike are no longer interested in owning the asset. Subscription models from the likes of Netflix through to Amazon Web Services have all contributed to the growth of the pay-as-you-grow subscription model. For businesses, taking this approach provides fast scalability. In our space, Inventory Management for example, organizations can just add new products and hardware to their support contracts as they scale.

In my view, the pay-as-you-grow economy is evidence for a need to take an OPEX rather than a CAPEX approach in IT. OPEX provides scalability, and ensures organizations are not having to shell out for products in addition to any support they might require. A good supplier will provide field maintenance, repair services, technical support and even hardware support training to enable your business to improve its service and better retain customers.

With the proliferation of data, cloud technology and SaaS (software as a service) solutions, the landscape has changed dramatically, and today’s businesses who wish to be here tomorrow need to look to take advantage of the new status quo in their IT operations. Technology and CIOs need to be prioritized to lead the charge as organizations evaluate how they engage with customers and use new information to improve the way they do business. The foundations of this have to be ‘what’s in it for the customer’.”

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