Subscribed ‘16: Don’t miss Zuora’s Product Keynote!

The Subscription Economy is all about the ‘subscriber’ and turning ‘relationships into revenue’. No matter where you are on the journey – a subscription economy native blazing new trails and defining a new category of business or transitioning from a traditional business operation, the Subscription Economy requires you to constantly reassess your existing systems, processes and ways of doing business. To succeed, you must focus on i) building real relationships with customers (not just one-time sales) and ii) delivering an ever-improving and personalized service (not a one-size-fits all product).

The new way of doing business impacts every single department in your organization and fundamentally changes how they operate. For example, it changes how your Product team builds and delivers your products, it changes how your Sales & Marketing teams monetize your products and services, it changes how your Finance team measures growth and success and it most certainly accelerates the pace of your IT team.

Zuora’s market leading product is the foundation for recurring revenue businesses all over the world. Our end-to-end solution helps you manage everything from pricing, subscriber lifecycle, quoting and order management, billing/collections, revenue management, and analytics. Built on an enterprise-grade platform and designed by a world class product and engineering team, we have delivered over 85 consecutive monthly releases in the last 8 years.

Our solution is designed to enable your product, sales and marketing, finance, and IT teams! To learn more on how Zuora enables different departments on this journey, join us for an exciting Product Keynote on April 13th at Subscribed ‘16! We’ll talk about our product as it stands today, share our vision for the future, and show you how our product can help you succeed in the Subscription Economy!

The excitement doesn’t end there! Following our Product Keynote, we’ll have America’s first year-round astronaut, Scott Kelly take the stage. Be one of the first to hear Kelly speak on his record-breaking 340 days in space!

Select press highlights from Subscribed ‘15:

“The Subscription Economy shows no signs of slowing down, as seen with the tremendous success of companies like Netflix and And the firm that is at the heart of this megatrend is Zuora.” -Tom Taulli, Forbes

“Z-Business has quietly catapulted the company to prominence on the back of the explosion in demand for subscription-based cloud services in recent years, attracting big-name clients such as Dropbox Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. as well as a hefty amount of funding along the way. Zuora is now marking a new milestone in its journey and moving beyond managing subscribers to helping brands understand them.” – Maria Deutscher, Silicon Angle

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