Episode 12: What a Difference a Year Makes

Episode12This episode of “Ask the RevRec Experts” revisits some of the more interesting content available through Leeyo this month for the benefit of those too busy to scan through everything. Your hosts Matt and Jim look into the evolving opinions of tech CFOs when it comes to the new revenue recognition guidance, talk about some conference comings and goings and, along the way, Jim tries and flails in his attempt to not butcher some Indian words.

The hosts revisit the series bringing folks out from behind RevPro, called “Crazy Eights: Meet the Revenue Experts in Eight Fun Questions,” this time featuring Senior Software Programmer – and longtime support team member extraordinaire – Radhakrishnan (RK) Vavuleri. Listen in to learn what he likes to do when not serving as backbone of our support and development organizations.

Listen in to hear about this month’s featured post, “What a Difference a Year Makes,” which offers an eye-opening year-over-year snapshot of the relevance of the new revenue recognition guidance in the eyes of those leading the financial organizations of U.S. tech firms.

Learn about Leeyo’s attendance in the past week at multiple high-profile revenue recognition conferences put on by ACS and CPE and find out about key takeaways from each event.

Speaking of conferences – and, clearly, we do – tune in to hear about our involvement in the only conference for the subscription economy, Zuora Subscribed 2016. Interested in registering for Subscribed? Visit here.

The “Ask the RevRec Experts” podcast presented by Leeyo Software reviews questions asked through the website, email, out in the field, webinars or at industry events to find answers for each, often directly from our expert guest contributors.

Please submit questions and feedback to podcast@leeyo.com or via the “Ask the Experts” box in the right-hand sidebar.

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