by TJ Laher, Community Manager


I’m doing a tribute to everything subscriptions, and so I ask my humble audience: what do you subscribe to?


In today’s connected, social and mobile world, it’s impossible not to subscribe to something. Heck, subscriptions go beyond SaaS businesses to cars, books, even toilets for those Manhattanites who are willing to rent out their loos. Recently, even Starbucks launched its subscription club for all of the java Joes out there that spend their life savings on black gold.

Not a coffee drinker? Me neither.

But perhaps your subscription is to your favorite corner deli with a daily sandwich, soda, and punch on your sandwich card. Because after all, subscriptions are becoming much more than just a way to get that fresh pair of boxers sent to your home every week– subscriptions are a way of life.


So join us on Twitter as we celebrate all of the products, companies, and activities that we #SubscribeTo. Here are some examples:

“I #SubscribeTo Starbucks coffee every morning”
“#SubscribeTo @Ikesplace sandwiches”
“#SubscribeTo @Spotfy”

Take a look at the conversation happening right now… the twittersphere is waiting to hear what you #SubscribeTo!




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