Zuora Gives Back

May 29, 2009

by Megan Golden


When I made my transition from Salesforce.com to Zuora in early 2008, I had hoped to bring with me the spirit of giving back that is core to Salesforce’s working culture. What was surprising, however was that I landed at a company where several others shared that same vision!


That’s why it was so easy to rally our team for a couple of hot days to put down their Blackberries and fasten their toolbelts for Habitat for Humanity. Mind you, this was the last week of our quarter and we even got our sales team out there!


In two separate all day sessions we put our brains and muscles to work on a housing project in the Bayview area of San Francisco. Some of us hung siding and fastened beams and some of us just looked good in a hard hat – c’mon you need at least one of those on every construction site, right?


The Habitat for Humanity and Americorps teams were truly a dream to work with. I mean, not everyone can be gracious with the’ I’ve-Never-Picked-Up-A-Hammer’ crowd, as well as the ‘I-Know-It-All-When-It-Comes-To-Handy -Work’ set. I’m not telling you which category I fall into.


But really, what they do for communities all over the US is no doubt inspirational. Over and over again they hand over new beginnings to deserving families; pulling communities together through leadership and team work.


We’ve all experienced our share of corporate team building exercises from trust walks to scavenger hunts to walking across hot coals (ouch!), but nothing compares to the camaraderie developed by working together to actually build something of real value – and for a deserving member of our community no less.


Once again, I’ve found myself at a company that not only values giving back but views projects like this as a corporate responsibility. There are multiple reasons why I love working at Zuora, but this is a biggie for sure.


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