The Subscription Offering Design Assessment

Six Steps to Building A Successful B2C Subscription Business

The Subscription Economy is thriving. Not only have subscription businesses experienced substantial growth over the past decade, according to the SEI, but they are also demonstrating resilience in times of crisis, with 85% of subscription businesses still growing during COVID.

But launching a subscription offering can be a challenge for established companies compared to subscription natives. That’s because introducing subscriptions to the market is much different from a normal product launch.

To help B2C companies launch successful subscription businesses, we have developed a 6-step Subscription Offering Design Assessment (SODA). Following these steps will help you maximize the chances of successfully monetizing your services and building a new relationship with your customers.

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Nickolas Cherrier

APAC Chair of the Subscribed Institute

michael mansard

Principal Director, EMEA Chair of the Subscribed Institute