Zuora University
subscription for implementers

Premium training and certifications for Zuora partners and consultants

What's included?

  • Implementation-specific training materials
  • Proctored certification exams and exam prep call
  • Refresher exams to maintain your certification
  • A Zuora sandbox, kept current with new features
  • Live enablement sessions for new Zuora features

Welcome to the starting line

Earn your stripes by working your way through our curated curriculum

Self-Paced Coursework

After attending a kick-off session to get oriented, you’ll hit the ground running with our thoughtfully crafted practical training. Each course is organized into sequenced Learning Paths to guide you through the basics first, then build on your knowledge with more advanced coursework.

Hands-On Practice

As you work through each Learning Path, you’ll put your knowledge into play by completing assignments in your personal Zuora sandbox (kept up-to-date with new feature releases). Scheduled check-ins with the Zuora Product Education team help ensure you’re on track.

Proctored Exams

Once you’ve completed all coursework and practice assignments, we’ll put you to the test! Review the official study guide before taking our 150-question certification exam. Short refresher exams, released biannually, will keep your knowledge and your certification up-to-date.

That’s not where it ends — there’s always more to learn!

We offer multiple certification options for you to choose from, and our program will continue to grow over time.

Reach out to training@zuora.com to learn more.

On your mark. Get set. Certify!

Get certified today

Priced per seat: one time access fee + annual subscription

Got questions?

We've got answers.

First, you’ll need to subscribe to Zuora University’s training program for partners and consultants. As a subscriber, you’ll complete coursework and practice exercises before attempting a certification exam. Our first level of certification will earn you the title of Zuora Billing Analyst, and once you’ve gained that, you’ll be eligible to move on to our expanding selection of advanced certifications!

This training program is available to consultants (independent or those who work for one of Zuora’s partner companies) and other implementers of our products (e.g., members of Zuora customers’ IT organizations).

Reach out and tell us about your interest. A member of the Zuora Alliances team will get back to you.

This training program offers several different certification options. For each, you’ll complete a prescribed set of coursework in our course library and work through related practice exercises in your Zuora Sandbox before taking a certification exam.

The bulk of the program’s training content is built into our courses, which are sequenced into topic-specific learning paths. We cover every topic that’s related to Zuora products and the process of implementing them, and you’ll be required to complete every course in the order they’re arranged. If you’d like to learn more about specific course titles and topical content, reach out to us at training@zuora.com.

In addition to the course content that’s mandatory for this program’s certifications, you’ll also have access to our end user training for additional support.

Consultants and other implementers of our products (e.g. members of Zuora customers’ IT organizations) gain access to certification exams after subscribing to the training program and completing the mandatory prerequisite training. As part of your annual subscription fee, you’ll have access to certification exams as well as refresher exams (to maintain your certification). We’ll send you an email inviting you to join our testing platform.

If you need help accessing the testing platform, email us for help at training@zuora.com.

Non-subscribers may complete the Zuora Administrator certification track. All other certification options are available exclusively to subscribers.

Our software is continually evolving, and it’s important for the health of our business that Zuora consultants and implementers are up-to-date with our newly released features. Every time our product line is updated or expanded, we produce relevant training for each implementer to take before trying out these updated features in their personal Zuora sandbox. Choosing to offer subscription-based access helps us ensure that those working on Zuora implementation projects have an advanced and current skill set.

Each exam contains 75-100 multiple-choice questions, must be completed within 2.5 hours, and is proctored (either in person at a test site of your choice, or online with monitoring via webcam). For more information, please click the button on this page that says “program guide.”

You must score at least 70% to pass a certification exam.

Certifications are valid as long as you continue to pass each refresher exam. The release of these exams coincide with Zuora’s biannual release announcements (typically every Spring and Fall). After each exam is made available, current subscribers will have up to 90 days to pass the exam and maintain their certification status.


If you choose to end your subscription to this training program, your certification will remain valid for up to six months, until the next refresher exam is made available. At this point, your knowledge is effectively outdated and we can no longer certify you.

Our certification exams are currently available in English only.