A new formula for growth for The Financial Services Industry (FSI)

How Financial Services Companies win big in the Subscription Economy

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Finance solutions as a service

Business as usual is not an option anymore! This forces traditional banks to deeply rethink their business models and growth levers in order to survive.

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Launch Subscription-based core financial services

Monetise services beyond the core through ecosystems

Scale existing Subscription services

Become a Subscription Economy enabler for partners

Launch Subscription-Based Core Financial Services

Merge into a robust, customer-centric offering

Embrace the Subscription Economy

Industry transformations are never fast—and never easy. But the good news is that financial services companies don’t have to dive in and do a complete 180 on their model to reap the benefits: new revenue streams, churn reduction, upsell and cross-sell to name a few

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  • Whitepaper: The Financial Services Industry and the Subscription Economy

Monetise Services Beyond the Core through Ecosystems

Increase your revenue footprint with adjacent services

Have you thought about building new acquisition channels? This strategy can address both existing and new offerings and can be provided by the financial services company itself or sourced via third parties with the company acting as a platform within its ecosystem.

We are here to answer your questions about the Subscription Economy

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