We Called It: BMW Embraces Subscription Model, Tries to Race Past ZipCar

By Tien Tzuo, CEO   In June 2010, we talked about how BMW really needed to be more like Zipcar. We argued that BMW was already in the Subscription Economy since over 60% of its revenue was coming from its leasing business. We suggested that Zipcar’s flexibility gave it a major leg up on BMW […]

Giant Killers: Four Businesses That Changed the Customer Experience (And Two That Might)

by Brian Bell, CMO Chief Marketing Officer   Time was, a strong relationship with a customer meant that you had a responsive and courteous technical service hotline. But since the turn of the millennium, the relationship between consumer and product has changed dramatically and so too has the definition of the “customer experience.”   In […]

Washington Post Misses Link Between Sharing, Subscriptions, and Services

Tien Tzuo, CEO   The Washington Post’s Lifestyle section published a piece on Sunday highlighting many subscription-based companies that have challenged the conventional single-transaction business model. While the Post’s analysis is mainly on retail-products-as-services like Zipcar, Rent our Boxes, Netflix, and Tie Society, the simple fact that subscription businesses have penetrated into the lifestyle section […]