Lessons from The Daily’s Closure

by Brian Bell, CMO   With the recent news that e-newspaper The Daily has closed, experts are wondering what lessons can be ascertained for the publishing industry at large. TechCrunch author MG Siegler argues rather convincingly that The Daily failed because it was built on an old business model and an old vision of the […]

E-Commerce Service Shoedazzle Leaves Subscription Model, Regrets Move

by Brian Bell, CMO   In her post titled “Subscription e-commerce starts to go out of style” Upstart Business Journal writer Amora McDaniel suggests that with Shoedazzle’s decline, the strength of the entire e-commerce model is now in question. But Ms. McDaniel’s post is lacking in context– both of the greater e-commerce world and the […]

Mark Cuban to Facebook: It’s About the Subscription Economy, Stupid

by Brian Bell, CMO   Mark Cuban isn’t happy with Facebook. In the last week, he’s been interviewed by ReadWrite.com and written an op-ed to The HuffingtonPost detailing his problems with the social media platform. While he’s backed-off his claim that he and his 70 companies will leave Facebook entirely, Cuban’s words echo a growing […]