Are you chasing margins, or volume? Profits, or penetration? You generally don’t get do both, as Mark Billige of Simon-Kucher recently noted in a sharp, engaging Subscribed Institute presentation. It’s usually an either/or proposition. Let’s take a look at two trillion-dollar case studies. Contrary to popular belief, Apple isn’t really concerned about unit sales. They’re […]

Subscribed Keynote Address: The Eighty Trillion Dollar Jump Ball  

Watch the full video of our Subscribed 16 Keynote address or read on for a summary. A century ago, the world was facing the dawn of a new commercial era. Previously, you would visit your local grocer or your local baker, and get a personalized service from someone that you knew. But a new concept […]

Announcing The First Issue of “Subscribed”

We’re very pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Subscribed, the only business quarterly dedicated to the Subscription Economy. We’ll be covering a broad array of stories around the profound, systemic commercial shift that’s currently underway — perhaps the biggest economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution — from products to services, inventory to outcomes. This issue of Subscribed focuses […]

Subscribed: Day Two Highlights

  “Multi-billion dollar companies have been formed by taking care of convenience.” Professor Baba Shiv, Stanford Business School   “Sixty percent of Subscription Economy CFOs state that their companies are growing at 40% per annum.” Tyler Sloat, CFO,  Zuora   “Over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list in 2000 are gone. Digital […]

Subscribed 2015: Announcing the Arrival of Z-Insights

Tien Tzuo Subscribed

In front of a packed keynote audience at Subscribed 2015, today Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo announced the upcoming launch of Z-Insights, a subscriber experience analytics solution that will help businesses design an engaging, memorable and compelling subscriber journey. Z-Insights combines Z-Business, Zuora’s leading subscription commerce, billing and finance system, with the expertise and technology obtained with the acquisition of […]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Subscribed 2012

By Tien Tzuo, CEO   We are less than one week away from our first annual Subscribed conference. Between the caliber of customer speakers and the sessions packed with world-class content, I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, I’ve jotted down my Top 10 Reasons why I think this is a must-attend event for any […]