Cultivating and Leveraging Super-Users: Three Views

Super-users are growth accelerants for subscription-based businesses. They may support other customers, provide essential feedback, and spread the word about your business. How can you identify, nurture, and support these special subscribers? That was the topic of a lively panel at the Subscribed conference last month. Zuora assembled a panel representing three very different businesses: […]

Subscribed 2015: Day One Highlights

Subscribed 2015

  “Pricing is never over.” Joe Raczka, Dyn   “Who knows, maybe some day Nike will start charging by the kilometer, the same way Michelin does.” Cyril Perducat, Schneider Electric   “Over 50% of our revenue comes from VIPs, and they are under 20% of our customers.” Tim Ernst, Kabam   “Video is just the […]