ERP Systems and Spreadsheets Take a Backseat to Automation When it Comes to Revenue

A spreadsheet can be opened and changed with absolutely no built-in audit trail. The reporting capabilities for your ERP are geared toward invoicing and other standard financial system activities, not revenue-based activities contingent on calculations done outside of the system. Never forget users of spreadsheets are considered not only the application owner, but the developer, programmer […]

Let’s Survey the Demise of Spreadsheets

Have all the data transfer rates, director commentaries and big-digit lens aperture you want, DVD and Blu-ray, your days are numbered, you just don’t know it yet. Once home video offerings of subscription on-demand services and cable on-demand took root, the death knell toward obsolescence started chiming for those prior distribution technologies. Just ask PwC. (Don’t even […]

Research: New Revenue Recognition Guidance Highlights Need for Software over Spreadsheets

Bringing the new revenue recognition standards to light required years of hard work; implementing them successfully will require a more sophisticated and error-proof solution than spreadsheets, according to new research. Fueled by benchmark findings demonstrating the misconceived reliance on desktop spreadsheets in a corporate setting, including a 35% data error frequency, advisory services firm Ventana Research highlighted […]