ERP Systems and Spreadsheets Take a Backseat to Automation When it Comes to Revenue

A spreadsheet can be opened and changed with absolutely no built-in audit trail. The reporting capabilities for your ERP are geared toward invoicing and other standard financial system activities, not revenue-based activities contingent on calculations done outside of the system. Never forget users of spreadsheets are considered not only the application owner, but the developer, programmer […]

Field Dispatch: Audit Firms Making the Big Push

By Jim Staats, Senior Account Manager at Zuora Automation as a revenue management solution is experiencing a bump these days, but it’s not just because of the impending arrival of ASC 606, as we learned from the recent sit down with Bob Walstra, Zuora’s Regional Sales Manager for the San Francisco Bay Area. Walstra, who has been […]

“Revenue Touches Everything”

“Revenue touches everything.” For those in the throes of revenue accounting on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis, that pretty much sums up work in a nutshell, doesn’t it? That over-generalized, yet perfectly-encapsulated, comment was attributed to Stephen Rivera, senior director of financial compliance and procedures for Johnson & Johnson Inc., at this week’s Financial […]

Exposing the Skeletons in Your Closet

The Halloween season is spooky enough without being frightened on the job. We get that. Yet, we’re taking this time of ghouls and goblins to address the skeleton(s) in the room. That being the unflattering aspects of your revenue data, polices and what-not yanked from the cobweb-filled depths of your old processes into the glare […]