A Revenue Manager’s Wish List

Revenue manager increases operational efficiency through automation of complex revenue processes at a large public company Talk about pressure and expectations! When you are the revenue manager at a $1B publicly-traded hardware and software company, and trying to get more with fewer resources. It has been a roller coaster for Suzie for over ten years […]

Four Essential Integrations for Your Revenue Recognition System

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from TechnologyAdvice, a research company that connects buyers and sellers of business technology. Author Tamara Scott, a technology analyst, writes about learning management, employee engagement, HR, and many other technology verticals. Revenue recognition software does what conventional ERP and accounting systems can’t. It tracks and pinpoints actual revenue across complex contract […]

ERP Systems and Spreadsheets Take a Backseat to Automation When it Comes to Revenue

A spreadsheet can be opened and changed with absolutely no built-in audit trail. The reporting capabilities for your ERP are geared toward invoicing and other standard financial system activities, not revenue-based activities contingent on calculations done outside of the system. Never forget users of spreadsheets are considered not only the application owner, but the developer, programmer […]

Revenue Automation ROI in the New Guidance Landscape

A seismic shift in the form of the newly converged revenue recognition standards brought forth in 2014 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board is often the necessary instigator for a company to consider something seemingly as daunting as a new revenue management tool. Spreadsheets and other makeshift solutions were […]

How Does ASC 606 Increase the Importance of Revenue Automation?

Editor’s note: Today’s post is the latest from our guest columnist, Amanda G. Carrillo, Zuora’s Pre-Sales Accounting Manager. An experienced technical accounting professional, Amanda will share her valued opinion on a number of topics in this space. Here, she discusses how the new revenue recognition guidance has significantly boosted the importance of an automated solution. […]

ASC 606 Adoption Help is Here

By Jim Staats, Senior Account Manager at Zuora Cavalry, n., ca-val-ry, from French cavalerie or cheval ‘horse,’ soldiers or warriors who fought mounted on horseback. Historically, the cavalry had the advantage of not only improved mobility, but greater height, speed and inertial mass over an opponent on foot. Hey folks, while it is true the cavalry […]

Crazy Eights: Meet the Revenue Experts in Eight Fun Questions

Editor’s note: Today’s post is the latest in a series of introductions to the people behind RevPro, the world’s leading revenue recognition automation solution. Geoff Robles represents Zuora as Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast portion of the U.S., having joined the company more than two years ago. Geoff’s two decades of experience in enterprise […]

Hear Ye, Hear Ye From the Experts: What To Expect in 2017

By Jim Staats, Senior Account Manager at Zuora The year 2017 is a big one for revenue recognition, like it or not. As was made clear for the umpteenth time, this latest eye-opener coming from the Wall Street Journal, most corporations still have a lot of work to do when it comes ASC 606, “Revenue From […]

Big Shift to Smarter Software

You don’t have to be the head honcho of a global tech giant to gaze into the future and offer insightful predictions on what’ll shape our technological future, but it sure doesn’t hurt when it comes to expanding that narrative’s outreach. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, speaking at the Forbes CIO Summit last month, said the […]

Is It Time to Automate Your Revenue? Yes!

We’re not averse to piggypacking on published material, especially when it comes from members of our partner community, is a good read and, quite frankly, is in our wheelhouse. Who besides a parent with sciatica doesn’t appreciate a good piggyback? In an opinion piece for CFO.com, John McGaw and Jeff Johnson, leaders at EY with years […]

Don’t Wait to Automate

A seismic shift in the governing standards of revenue recognition is coming. Fact. The actual date when these drastically altered guidelines become the law of the land is in 2018, more than two years away. Fact. Companies that don’t take advantage of the current pre-transition “downtime” to establish standardized processes while learning the new rules […]

Revenue Predictability Starts with Revenue Automation

Consistency + Visibility = Predictability We understand better than most the expectations and pressure heaped upon today’s finance department, and revenue managers in particular. Tasked with a more visible role in management reporting to include planning, budgeting and forecasting, successful financial leaders must inform the operational decision-making of company leadership all the while meeting increased […]