Customer Experience and a New Model for Subscription Maturity

How do you design great customer experiences? There’s no silver bullet but it’s an important topic for subscription businesses to think about. Zuora hosted a webinar last week with IDC on the 5 phases to deliver the right customer experience – see it on-demand here. Joining me were Amy Konary, IDC Research Vice President, and […]

How to Win with Subscription Pricing Models

Last week we launched The Academy, a new educational site dedicated to helping companies build and run amazing subscription-based businesses. One of the content areas that always generates a lot of interest is subscription pricing and packaging. We do many live events and webinars every year and it continues to be a topic subscription business […]

Five Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks

As the popularity of online learning continues to grow the innovators in the field will continue to build new, refined models for educating online. It leaves one asking, just what is it about the digital format that makes it such an attractive choice?

Is Amazon Prime Pulling a Netflix?

Joe Andrews Sr. Director, Marketing   At first glance, Amazon’s price increase seems like a repeat of Netflix’ disaster a few years ago – remember, Netflix raised their prices and faced a ton of backlash while seeing a significant drop in # of subscribers and in short term stock price.   In the Subscription Economy, […]

Subscription Economy is Thriving – New Data Shows Opportunities for Services and Consumers

Joe Andrews Sr. Director, Marketing   Are consumers facing subscription fatigue? A survey highlighted in TechCrunch last week sought to understand the implications of the growing number of subscription services on consumers. The hypothesis that consumers may be saturated by their subscriptions – and looking to curtail their monthly spend, could mean potential fallout for […]