The Best 183 Words on IOT You’ll Read This Month

There’s a lot of hype around IOT. A lot of statistics. Big companies like Cisco, Goldman Sachs and Intel are are putting a lot of money behind it. Everyone seems to concur that it’s important, but most of the attention right now seems to be focussed around the physical stuff: connectivity, sensors and features. That’s […]

3 Questions: Tien Tzuo on Connected Cars

1 to 1 Media recently interviewed Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo about his thoughts on the connected car industry.  What would be the ideal connected car experience for a driver? As a driver I’m looking for an experience that brings back the romance of the ride. I can get maps and music on my phone — […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Connected Devices

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? There are lots of cool consumer tech products out there, but this year consider giving a gift that improves health, provides security and peace of mind. Part of the trend of Internet of Things (IoT), our recommended gifts are devices that deliver ongoing value to your loved ones through the use […]

Today’s George Jetson: IoT is here

The Internet of Things has created a massive movement in our daily lives, and it’s caused a huge shift in the way we do business. That’s because, in IoT, it’s not the device that creates value, it’s the data generated by that device and what you do with it that matters.