Thoughts on YouTube’s Move to Subscriptions

by Brian Bell Chief Marketing Officer   We talked earlier about the upcoming war for your living room. We predicted a battle where Netflix, Microsoft, Sony, and Apple would battle against traditional powers like Comcast and HBO to provide not only subscription content, but the hardware to grant you access to the services and shows […]

Lessons from The Daily’s Closure

by Brian Bell, CMO   With the recent news that e-newspaper The Daily has closed, experts are wondering what lessons can be ascertained for the publishing industry at large. TechCrunch author MG Siegler argues rather convincingly that The Daily failed because it was built on an old business model and an old vision of the […]

Zuora enables monetization strategies to Microsoft Windows Azure hosting service providers

by Brian Bell, CMO   Microsoft is renowned for battle testing, updating, and improving its products. In the Cloud, their aggressive innovation is really something to behold. This week, Microsoft sought to redefine the cloud by announcing major news for Windows Server 2012 and their Cloud OS strategy of consistent platforms between private datacenters, hosted […]

Subscribed 2012: New Heights for Both Zuora and the Subscription Economy

by Brian Bell, CMO   It’s been a huge week for Zuora, possibly the biggest in the history of our company, and I thought I’d take the time to recap the events of the last few days. First, leading up to our Subscribed 2012 conference, we declared that we are at the Tipping Point of […]