ASC Adoption with Effectus Group and Zuora

On Thursday, Jan 17th Zuora invited Bay Area controllers, revenue directors, and CFO’s to a talk with Effectus Group on the specific things companies need to be aware of as they adopt ASC 606 this year. With many industries seeing their business models disrupted by subscriptions, usage, or other monetization methods, ASC 606 standardizes revenue […]

In the final push to new revenue rules, don’t turn to manual solutions

This article was originally published in Compliance Week and quotes Zuora SVP of RevPro Jagan Reddy. In the final push to new revenue rules, some turn to manual solutions By Tammy Whitehouse, June 20, 2017 Delays in preparing for new revenue recognition accounting requirements are starting to pinch the IT development time line, forcing many companies […]

Findings from Latest ASC 606 Disclosures Study by Connor Group

Editor’s note: Today’s post is from guest columnist, Aleks Zabreyko, Partner, Head of Professional Practice at Connor Group. Here, Aleks offers his views on the firm’s most recent ASC 606 Disclosure Study. Connor Group has recently released the 3rd edition of its ASC 606 Disclosure Study. The study is based on periodic reports filed by over […]

ASC 606 & IFRS 15: How the new Revenue Standards will Impact Subscription Companies

This post is guest-authored by two experts at Zuora: Peush Patel, Director of Finance and JingJing Xia, Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Zuora is the industry leader in subscription billing, e-commerce and finance and a valued partner of Leeyo Software. Patel is the Product Management Director for Finance at Zuora. Before Zuora, he led the Revenue Management product at […]

ASC 606 / IFRS 15 Changes Aplenty for Subscription Businesses

Do you subscribe to the theory that change is good? Ehhh, ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or even a ‘depends on my mood,’ any answer is fine with us. We’re simply wedging in use of the word ‘subscribe’ to highlight our recent article in partnership with our friends – and frequent collaborators – at Zuora for FEI Daily […]

Processing Dual Books is Not Just Processing Dual Revenue

By Jim Staats, Senior Account Manager at Zuora The incoming revenue recognition standards, ASC 606 / IFRS 15, naturally mean a lot of changes to just about every company in all industries. Right now, companies (at least the few not dawdling) should be looking at comparative sets of financials to see how things look today and how they’ll […]

Transition Assistance With a Personal Touch

We’re nothing if not helpful. On the heels of the recent acknowledgement of helpful resources available to those struggling with the transition to adopt ASC 606 / IFRS 15, Zuora again wishes to direct your attention to another handy guide, this time from one of our many valued partners. As reported earlier this week by […]

ASC 606 Adoption Help is Here

By Jim Staats, Senior Account Manager at Zuora Cavalry, n., ca-val-ry, from French cavalerie or cheval ‘horse,’ soldiers or warriors who fought mounted on horseback. Historically, the cavalry had the advantage of not only improved mobility, but greater height, speed and inertial mass over an opponent on foot. Hey folks, while it is true the cavalry […]

Assessment Tales: Big Firms Taking the 606 Plunge

Whether you like it or not, the impending effective date for ASC 606 is soon upon us all. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Some of the bigger companies well into implementation efforts are finding as much work lies ahead as behind, according to commentary recently reported by Compliance Week, based on a Financial Executives International […]

Forecasting Comes to the Fore with New Guidance

Let’s talk about forecasting. Much of the lead up to the new rules governing revenue recognition, set to go into effect for most firms in 2018, has centered around the likely impact on contracts and accounting policies, and rightly so. The big accounting change for contracts comes from the new approach in which revenue is […]

Selecting a Transition Method

Editor’s note: We are happy to introduce our new guest columnist, Shauna Watson, Global Managing Director of Finance & Accounting for RGP. Shauna, a subject matter expert in U.S. GAAP, IFRS, SEC and PCAOB regulations, will share her valued opinion on a number of topics in this space. Today, she focuses on one of the key […]