Apple’s New Fitness Service Takes Aim at Peloton

Apple Fitness Plus

Apple’s new fitness subscription service will offer a direct challenge to the likes of Fitbit and Peloton, industry experts have said. On Tuesday, Apple announced its new Fitness+ service, a subscription-based platform offering a range of fitness classes connected to a user’s Apple Watch which can be viewed on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. […]

Why Does the Apple App Store Generate 4 Times As Much Revenue As Android?

An app downloaded in the Apple App Store generates four times the revenue for developers as one that’s purchased in Google Play, according to new research by App Annie. The report notes that, worldwide, the App Store generates twice as much money as Google Play despite Apple having half the amount of downloads as Google. […]

Meet the New Apple Tax, Same as the Old Apple Tax

Here’s the good news: The famous “Apple Tax” is dropping to 15% after one year, and developers can finally offer subscriptions. Here’s the bad news for app developers: Apple still owns your billing relationships, which means it owns your customer relationships. We’ve been here before. Here’s an Apple press release from February 15, 2011 called […]