What Was The First Book You Ever Bought on Amazon?

Here’s a fun question: What was the first book you ever bought on Amazon? It’s sitting right there, on the first page of your order history. While I was browsing around last night the thought occurred to me – Amazon knows the name of the first item I ever bought from them (this was back […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Connected Devices

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? There are lots of cool consumer tech products out there, but this year consider giving a gift that improves health, provides security and peace of mind. Part of the trend of Internet of Things (IoT), our recommended gifts are devices that deliver ongoing value to your loved ones through the use […]

Is Amazon Prime Pulling a Netflix?

Joe Andrews Sr. Director, Marketing   At first glance, Amazon’s price increase seems like a repeat of Netflix’ disaster a few years ago – remember, Netflix raised their prices and faced a ton of backlash while seeing a significant drop in # of subscribers and in short term stock price.   In the Subscription Economy, […]

Giant Killers: Four Businesses That Changed the Customer Experience (And Two That Might)

by Brian Bell, CMO Chief Marketing Officer   Time was, a strong relationship with a customer meant that you had a responsive and courteous technical service hotline. But since the turn of the millennium, the relationship between consumer and product has changed dramatically and so too has the definition of the “customer experience.”   In […]

Practice Safe Commerce

by Chris Holt, Marketing   This blog post is for all of the men out there. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed by going to the drug store and purchasing a box of condoms, there’s now a service for that. A recent TechCrunch article highlights the um, burgeoning subscription condom service market. Finally, the subscription economy […]

K-Cup Coffee As Subscription Service

Chris Holt, Marketing   In college, I lived with a friend who was a coffee addict. The guy simply couldn’t function unless he had his morning cup ‘o joe, and then needed another pickup by early afternoon. He was very specific and brand loyal too: he’d always journey to the same coffee shop by the […]