Subscribed Sydney is the Asia Pacific's largest gathering of the Subscription Economy.
As ownership as we know it comes to an end, we’re seeing a generational business-model shift to subscription services play out in industries and boardrooms across the globe. Subscribed is where the Subscription Economy comes to life with real-world examples and practical guidance for companies to get ahead in the age of digital disruption.

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Adam King

Chief Audience, Commerce & Data Officer

Kayo Sports

Ben Parkes

Customer Operations and Service Manager


Rahul Ranjan

Director of Commercial Systems and Operations - Global


Conor Miley

Head of Engineering

amaysim Operations Pty Ltd

Mariam Veiszadeh

Members & Advisory Director

Paul Cullinan


Vault Intelligence

Carolyn Breeze


Mark Latchford

Associate Director – Strategy Innovation and Growth

Pride in Diversity

Phil Pomford

General Manager, Global eCom, APAC


Charles Keane

Senior Director, APAC Global Services


Sally-Mae Turvey

Director Employee Communications


Jack Rigor

Executive Customer Account Manager APAC


Subscribed SYDNEY at a glance

October 15, 2019



Registration & Breakfast



Opening Keynote - End of Ownership, Rise of Usership

Join us for a keynote address by Zuora VP Customer Innovation Amy Konary with special guest & amaysim CEO - Peter O’Connell. As ownership as we know it comes to an end, we’re seeing a generational business-model shift to subscription services play out at all levels of the organisation, from boardrooms to office floors, across the globe. Amy will share her unique insights on what it will take for companies to succeed in this new world. You will also get a preview on Zuora's latest product enhancements

Amy Konary - VP Customer Business Innovation, Zuora
Peter O’Connell - CEO, amaysim
Mike Aaron - VP, Zuora



Morning Break



What Does a Healthy Subscription Business Look Like?

The Subscription Economy Index™ report (or SEI) reflects the growth metrics of hundreds of companies around the world and spans a number of industries including media/publishing, video, retail, membership businesses, and gaming. Attend this session to understand what a healthy consumer-focused subscription business looks like, what drives (or inhibits) that growth, and how to adopt these best practices in your own organisation.

Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist, Zuora



Growth in the Subscription Economy
Join this session to explore the different growth strategies available to your subscription business – from pricing tools to international expansion; tailored products and bundles to mergers and acquisition. Hear from Australian SaaS success story, Nearmap, as they share their advice based on the challenges and successes they've accumulated as they've grown.

Rahul Ranjan, Director Commercial Systems & Operations, Nearmap
Jack Rigor, Enterprise Customer Account Manager, Zuora







*Exclusive Executive Breakout Session

Subscribed Institute Executive Summit
The Institute is an exclusive, half-day event during Subscribed for enterprise CXOs driving high growth subscription businesses. The subscription model can offer tremendous value to a company’s top and bottom line, but execution is key. If you’re looking to derive greater value from your current approach, this should be your must-attend event this year.

Amy Konary - VP Customer Business Innovation, Zuora
Peter Corbett - Partner, Deloitte
Carl Gold - Chief Data Scientist, Zuora



Diversity and Inclusion Panel - The Key to Long Term Success

Join us over lunch and be inspired by our panel of speakers who demonstrate why and how building a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture is key to future business success.

Sally Turvey - Director Global Employee Communications, Zuora
Carolyn Breeze - GM ANZ, GoCardless
Mariam Veiszadeh - Members & Advisory Director, Diversity Council of Australia
Mark Latchford - Associate Director, Pride in Diversity



The Future of Media and a Blueprint for Subscriber Centricity

For telecom, cable, media and content businesses, OTT video subscriptions represent a new business model built around ongoing customer relationships. It allows them to take advantage of modern IP-based technology to interact more directly and regularly with consumers - anywhere, anytime and on any device.

But, this shift to digital OTT video subscriptions is not easy for all media businesses to operationalise. How companies price, sell, bill, collect payments and account for digital subscription services can be significantly more complex than in the traditional media world.
Join us for this session with Kayo Sports Chief Audience, Commerce and Data Officer as we talk through their process from idea, to launch, to building a continually growing subscriber base.

Adam King - Chief Audience, Commerce & Data Officer, Kayo Sports
Iman Ghodosi - GM & VP APAC, Zuora



Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast

For today’s businesses, the question isn’t whether or not you have to start offering’s how.
While transformation is inevitable, the path to transformation is not. There are many different strategies to get you to a subscription model—with no one-size-fits-all approach—but the pressure is on to do it right. Any successful monetisation framework has to take into consideration your particular portfolio as well as the concepts of business and technology transformation. Furthermore, you have to put more emphasis than ever on the customer experience.

Join us for this insightful session with amaysim CTO Richard Dean as we uncover how they’re disrupting industry and taking new and innovative offerings to both the mobile and energy sectors

Conor Miley, Head of Engineering, amaysim

Charles Keane, Senior Director, Global Services APAC, Zuora



Monetising Innovation

Innovation. It’s a clarion call for every business… in every industry… in every corner of the world. It’s the most important driver of growth and, in today’s marketplace, critical to survival. But successful innovation – measured in dollars and cents – remains elusive. Companies invest substantially in designing and building products. Yet they struggle to monetise them. Billions of dollars are spent and lost every year because more than 70 percent of innovations fail to meet financial goals – or fail entirely. This presentation challenges the status quo. By putting customer demand and willingness to pay front and centre, you change the innovation game. You move from hoping to monetise to knowing you will.


Jason Carley, Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners


Afternoon Break



Future of Recurring Payments

Phil Pomford - GM Global eComm, APAC, Worldpay



Customer Panel Discussion:

We are in the midst of a once-in-a-century shift in business models. People are choosing outcomes over ownership. They want value, services–they want to subscribe. The world is shifting to subscriptions. And it’s having a major impact on consumers and businesses alike.

Join us for this casual customer discussion where we highlight some of the strategies that our customers have deployed to both grow their business and remain relevant in today’s subscription economy.

Tom Krackeler - Chief Customer Officer, Zuora
Ben Parkes - Customer Operations and Services Manager - Energy Australia
Alex Colvin - CEO, Pendula
Paul Cullinan - CFO, Vault Intelligence



Networking Drinks sponsored by Worldpay




Invitation Only VIP Dinner @ Flying Fish

Doltone House

Darling Island Wharf, Ground Floor, 48 Pirrama Rd. Pyrmont NSW 2009

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