Subscribed Online is the world’s largest virtual gathering of the Subscription Economy.

As ownership as we know it comes to an end, we’re seeing a generational business-model shift to subscription services play out in industries and boardrooms across the globe. Subscribed Online will bring together leaders from the Subscription Economy community to share winning strategies and practical guidance to grow your subscription business.

Join us for this half-day online event to discover new growth strategies, and learn about the technology and resources needed to drive growth. This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from leading subscription business experts, without even needing to leave your desk!

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Keynote Speaker

The Subscription Economy: A Once in a Century Business Model Shift

8:00AM to 8:45AM PST

Amy Konary, VP of Customer Business Innovation and Chair of the Subscribed Institute, Zuora

In this riveting talk, Amy Konary, Zuora’s VP of Customer Business Innovation and Chair of the Subscribed Institute, shares tales from the trenches to show how every department can prepare and help your company prosper:

● Marketing: build lucrative, ongoing, one-on-one relationships with your customers.
● IT: become a system of innovation with agility to test what will make customers happy
● Finance: build a more stable business model with recurring revenue growth
● Product: happily surprise your customers with updates based on usage behavior patterns
● Sales: keep customers renewing and re-engaging by selling a relationship, not a transaction
You’ll learn about business model innovations from companies like Ford, Adobe, Survey Monkey, and The New York Times. And you’ll get to truly understand why subscription companies are growing revenues up to five times faster than S&P company revenues.

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Fighting Churn with Data

8:50AM to 9:20AM PST

Join Dr. Gold, Zuora’s Chief Data Scientist to learn how to use your data as a weapon in the fight against churn, the bane of all subscription businesses. When used correctly, data can help companies understand what causes users to churn and to perform targeted interventions to reduce churn. Dr. Gold will clear many misconceptions around churn and discuss the pitfalls involved in data driven churn reduction. He’ll share case studies and insights gleaned from his work on dozens of predictive churn analyses at Zuora. You’ll also get a sneak-peek into material from his forthcoming book: Fighting Churn With Data!

Carl Gold

Chief Data Scientist


Optimize Efficiency and Reduce Risk & Cost

9:25AM to 10:10AM PST

Learn the latest industry trends, challenges and leading practices from experts at EY. Gain insights from their latest research and work with many companies looking to operationalize their financial systems and processes as they join the Subscription Economy.

Jeff Johnson

Managing Director

Ernst & Young

Managing Emotions, Transforming Culture, and Building a Shared Vision

10:15AM to 10:35AM PST

Culture change is probably the hardest and most underestimated challenge of moving an organization from a transactional to a membership mindset. To make it happen, you’ll need support and a steady drum beat from leadership to ensure that the transformation, while difficult, will pay off in the long term. Learn what steps need to be taken to assess where your organization is at and how to start inspiring change.

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Author and Strategy Consultant

How to Accelerate Your Product Launch with Optimized Pricing Strategies

10:40AM to 11:15AM PST

Hear from Simon and Kucher Practice Expert David Smith, Zuora Chief Data Scientist Carl Gold and Zuora Subscription Launch Specialist Justin Li as we unpack one of the trickiest topics in growth – how to accelerate your product launch, and continue to iterate afterwards. We’ve seen that one of the most important keys to growing a successful subscription business is being able to accelerate time to market and then iterate your subscription pricing strategy. If you want to make sure that you’re not leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table—or if you’re just curious about some small pricing tweaks you can make to bring in more revenue—this training is for you.

So let’s deep dive on the data together – here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

– Strategies for speeding up time to market
– Core principles to power your pricing page
– How to support multiple sales channels and global payment methods
– The most common (& avoidable) pricing mistakes

Carl Gold 

Chief Data Scientist


Justin Li

Product Marketing Manager


David Smith


Simon-Kucher & Partners

Zoom's Billing Modernization Journey

11:20AM to 12:05PM PST

Join this session to hear from Zoom, a leading subscription company who will share stories and best practices around implementing a modern billing system that lead to 215% YoY growth.

Alvina Antar

Chief Information Officer


Sunil Maden

Head of Business Operations


Harry Moseley

Global CIO


Leveraging the Power of the Zuora
Central Platform

12:10PM to 12:40PM PST

In this session, our product team will discuss best practices for leveraging the power of the Zuora Central Platform. In addition, you’ll hear directly from our customers on how they’re using the Zuora Central Platform to easily extend their processes, integrations, and data in Zuora all without having to hard code from scratch. Examples include:

– Reactivating subscriptions that have no balance 

– Cancelling overdue subscriptions

– Automated fraud response

– And more!

We’ll wrap up the session with an exclusive look at what’s new and coming to the Zuora Central Platform (e.g., data query, custom invoices & documents, custom objects) – you don’t want to miss it!

Jason Gulledge

VP of Engineering


Daniel Wette

CEO & Co-Founder


Robert Lin

Senior Director, Product Management


Taylor Medford

Senior Manager, Software Engineering


Kate McNally

Associate Product Manager II 


Justin Li

Product Marketing Manager


Evan Chung

Marketing Manager


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