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The first episode of BINGE-A-BLE, a new show for media companies is now available!

With ad revenues on the decline, digital publishers are leaning into new revenue streams. Tune in today to hear from our host, Emma Shaver along with resident media expert, Frank Ernst, as they welcome guest Greg Piechota, Researcher-In-Residence at the International News Media Association to share four stages he’s witnessed digital publishers embrace to successfully build new revenue streams. Greg shares how the leading publishing companies are harnessing their workforce’s skill set to sell non-news related products, reinvent advertising, and expand into new industries. Find out the secrets to knowing what your customer wants to uncover new ways to grow revenues.

As new episodes air, you'll have the opportunity to hear from industry insiders how companies like the NYT, The Guardian, DAZN, the Seattle Times, Peloton, and others are monetizing content, optimizing the customer experience, and redefining what it means to be a modern media company.


Episode 1