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The Subscribed Strategy Group (SSG) is the customer advisory arm of the Subscribed Institute that partners with the most recognizable global brands to drive measurable performance improvement in their recurring revenue businesses. Our learnings and leading practices are rooted in our work and proprietary data from over a thousand companies around the world that are monetizing recurring customer relationships and outcomes.

How Zuora’s Subscribed Strategy Group Helped a Major Auto OEM Launch and Monetize Connected Services

Read about how SSG helped a top 3 auto OEM launch and monetize their connected services.

Growth and scalability

We are a team of highly tenured professionals with backgrounds in strategy, consulting, and design thinking that works with companies that demonstrate the highest opportunity for growth and scale. SSG engagements are designed to deliver focused advice on customers’ specific needs across multiple phases of their Journey to Usership™.
Guidance from launching to leading in your journey


Guidance on how to quickly get into market with a simple, flexible, and powerful offering


Recomendations on how to improve pricing, bundles, and customer touchpoints


Identification of gaps and improvement areas to drive standardization


Uncover new opportunities to monetize data, services, and partnerships

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Featured resources from leading experts

  • Benchmarks / Insights
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Frameworks / Models


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The Team

Amy Konary
Michael Mansard
Principal Director & EMEA Chair
Stamos Kanellakis
Senior Strategist
Maria Johansen
Senior Strategist
Nick Cherrier
Senior Strategist
David Warren
Principal Director
Jodi Krawitt
Senior Strategist
Gaurav Sonpar


Shane Ryan
Associate Strategist
Michelle Marshall
Sr. Program Manager
Alicia Tostmann

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