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Drive ARR growth through hybrid

consumption models

Trends around monetizing generative AI and reducing adoption barriers have many companies turning to usage, or consumption-based, pricing models to drive growth. In a recent study Zuora and BCG found that companies efficiently leveraging hybrid consumption models are growing 13% faster than their peers.

Accurately capture and bill for
every bit of usage

Dashboard showing consumption details. Contains metrics for seats and GB, including percentages of usage, limits, and costs. A detailed graph compares overall consumption against limits over time.
Take the guesswork out of
usage tracking

Keep your usage metering and billing in one place with detailed reporting, dashboards, and overage insights for each of
your customers.

Audit usage end to end without relying
on engineering

Trace back each usage event from the time it’s ingested, up until it surfaces on an invoice and revenue is recognized.

Rate usage in real time

Batch uploads of usage keep your visibility stuck in the past – as usage events flow in, rate them in real time and attach them to your customer’s account giving you precise insights into exactly how much revenue you can expect each period.

Get ahead of customer disputes

Configure real time push notifications for overages and thresholds that can go directly to your sales, CSMs, or even customers to keep them in the loop, and open the door for upsell opportunities.

Balance flexible usage pricing,
with predictable revenue

Keep up with your product teams’ innovations by
mixing pricing models

Icon of a paper currency bill in white on a dark green circular background.

Supercharge existing offers by bundling usage

Enhance your product tiers and packages with usage offerings

White padlock icon on a dark green circular background.

Lock in revenue with
prepaid models

Configure pricing with prepaid cash or prepaid credits that customers draw down from over time

Icon of two stacked coins on a dark green circular background.

Encourage adoption with pay as you go

Let new customers try out new products with little or no commitment

Icon of two overlapping documents in a dark green circular background.

Keep new offers compliant with your revenue rules

Configure revenue rules for each new or existing offering to make sure it stays in line with your business’s policies

Bar chart showing "85% Faster YoY Revenue Growth". Three bars represent revenue percentages: 5.9% for 1 charge model, 6.5% for 2 charge models, and 13.0% for 3-5 charge models.

Diversifying monetization models leads to growth

With a study of over 740+ businesses, those with 3-5 different pricing models have performed the best in recent years. These companies leverage both product led growth strategies in tandem with orienting their go to market around customer adoption and building trust. This mix of strategies includes relying on consumption pricing working hand in hand with traditional committed contracts to drive revenue growth.

Remain compliant with
automated revenue recognition

Maintain accurate & auditable financial reporting
with usage-based models

A graphic showing interface elements for grouping rules by various numbers and provisioning OT settings with toggle switches for distinct series and SO term change.

Comply with IFRS 15 & ASC 606

Keep your accoutants out of spreadsheets, even for complex usage models like those including drawdown-style charges and unbilled usage accruals. Save accounting teams hours of work with pre-configured templates to apply variable consideration accounting, where necessary. 

Close Process Dashboard screen with Data Validation section showing 3 Exceptions for Current Period, 2 Orphan Transactions, and 0 Unprocessed Events for Current Period.

Minimize time reconciling accounting data

Spend less time comparing numbers across spreadsheets and multiple systems with consistent bookings, billing, and recognized revenue. Quickly identify any discrepancies with automated reports across billing and revenue data. 


A table titled "Planned vs Actual Revenue Analysis" shows planned revenue at 7,460,751 with a 1.35% decrease, actual revenue at 7,481,522 with a 3.59% increase, and overall changes at 20,771,40 with a 2.24% increase.

Forecast revenue based on
actual usage

Meet ASC 606 guidance for forecast reporting with pre-built waterfall reports track revenue as it is recognized. Make data-driven decisions by comparing revenue actuals and forecasted revenue against each other.


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