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Zuora Workflow Use Cases Booklet


The new Workflow Builder enables administrators and developers to build tailored workflows within and to applications outside of Zuora, saving them time and reducing the errors that come from completing complex, redundant tasks manually. Now it’s easier for companies to orchestrate a subscriber service and support every department involved in supporting a subscription service – billing, collections, revenue accounting, customer service, sales, and more.

This booklet contains use cases available in the pre-built Workflow library and real-world workflows that Zuora customers use to run their business today.

  • Communication Workflows: Communicate subscription updates, invoices, and transaction confirmations to customers from a single hub. Send email and SMS notification to customers throughout the subscription lifecycle.
  • Provisioning Workflows: Trigger flows to grant revoke, or modify access to the on-going services as subscriptions change.
  • Data Integration Workflows: Integrate with third party systems to keep sales, service, and finance teams up-to-date with the latest subscription information. Consume or send information to CPQ, e-commerce, and accounting systems to ensure teams are up-to-date on the latest information.
  • Order-to-Revenue Workflows: Automate financial processes such as late fees, overage charges, and other revenue milestones throughout a subscription lifecycle. Remove inefficiencies by automating billing, collections, and revenue within Zuora.

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