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The New Secret Sauce for IoT Business Acceleration

Zuora + OCTO Telematics

According to The Subscribed Institute, the fastest growing companies in the subscription economy grow 1.3X faster than their peers. What are the highest growth manufacturers doing to accelerate customer acquisition and usage? Discover the latest pricing tools from Zuora Billing for monetizing customers. 

Join us for a 30 minute action packed webinar:

  • Hear from a leading Smart Mobility innovator OCTO Telematics, on their successful adoption of advanced billing models that give consumers access to a variety of add-on mobility services
  • Find out how focusing on consumption based pricing models achieves faster growth
  • Discover the business models of the future around Smart Mobility and IoT  

Chief Marketing Officer

Edwin Colella


Senior Director, Product Marketing

Natalie Louie


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