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Elevate Your Collections Strategy with Zuora Collect

Electronic payments are growing nearly twice as fast as the global GDP, and because of this, nearly half of all businesses now see 7% of their payments fail. This is why so many companies have doubled down on their collections strategy and plan to modernize their technology in order to recover up to 20% more subscription revenue. The best companies use their collections processes as a backbone to ensure predictable revenue growth, customer retention, and bottom-line efficiency.

Learn how the all-new Zuora Collect leverages purpose-built machine learning to efficiently turn invoices into revenue and help companies elevate their collections strategy.

“Zuora Collect has helped us recover more revenue and keep more subscribers. We put an end to the rule-based payment retries, and replaced it with machine learning that adapts to every customer. Our payment success rate has already increased by 18% in just 2 months.”” - Daniel Wette, CEO of rankingCoach
In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Maximize subscription revenue with proactive card updates and AI-driven retry schedules
  • Minimize passive churn by coupling smart retries with automated dunning workflows to prevent outstanding invoices
  • Implement additional collections strategies inside Zuora’s platform

Megan Aaron

Product Management


Yash Mahajani

Product Marketing Manager


Serg Martinez

Principal Enterprise Architect