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With ePayments growing nearly twice as fast as the global GDP, the standard for global payments has gone digital. But nearly half of all businesses now see 7% of their payments fail, which leads to 3% of their cash lost every year and up to 40% more passive churn. Custom payment integrations and manual payment recovery strategies only make these problems worse. Zuora Collect not only makes global payments simple with support for 35+ gateways, but it also helps subscription companies recover up to 20% more cash and increase their customer retention rates 13% by leveraging machine learning-driven retries based on the most robust dataset in the Subscription Economy®.

“With Zuora Collect, we’ve increased our average payment recovery rate by an additional 10% from what it was when the product had no machine learning. Using an AI-driven retry strategy also prevented us from starting a time-consuming research project that would have required testing to parse out the most optimal times to retry payments.” - Susanna Wright, Fraud & Payments Manager at Whitepages

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