How Zuora Built Customer Success: The 9 Keys

Written by Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora

When it comes to customer success, CEO of Zuora Tien Tzuo explains “many people think the biggest challenge in scaling a company for growth is managing a rapidly expanding workforce. It’s not…The harder task is not to lose sight of your core principles. As you get bigger, you inevitably lose the intuitive customer insight that you enjoyed as a small company. The problem is that customer insight defines your core principles. Lose one, and you lose the other.”

So how do you build a focus on Customer Success into the very fabric of your people? How do you turn that focus into a framework that you can measure, organize around, and apply everywhere across the company? Check out this guide so you can learn:

  • What exactly customer success means

  • Why companies need to shift from selling products to managing services

  • How to develop stronger relationships with your customers

  • How to reduce churn and maximize customer engagement and satisfaction

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