What’s New in Zuora

During this session our experts dive into how new and improved Zuora features give your business even more flexibility in payment orchestration, agility in your order-to-revenue processes, and valuable customer insights.

Watch this hour-long webinar to learn how these capabilities will help you:

  • Launch and evolve consumption models, including leveraging connections to prebuilt meters

  • Improve operational efficiency and forecasting with new ERP connectors and usage forecasting tools

  • Fight revenue leakage with Zuora fraud detection, gateway routing, and payment links

  • Deploy faster and get visibility into your customers with seamless CI/CD integration with Git and benchmarks

You’ll also get a sneak preview into the very newest Zuora features, including:

  • Encrypt your sensitive data with your own encryption keys with Zuora Protect

  • Warehouse Connectors, offering productized integration to Databricks, BigQuery, RedShift, and more!

Watch now!