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The Top 4 Priorities Every CFO Must Drive to Grow a Recurring Revenue Business

CFOs are redefining their priorities, which include taking on increasingly active roles in sales, to support the growth of recurring revenue businesses. During this Webcast, you will meet two senior finance leaders who dedicate less than half of their time to traditional finance functions so that they can take ownership of the sales process and, ultimately, take the lead on executing their companies' strategies.

By attending this Webcast, you will learn:

  • How CFOs' priorities are evolving as more companies establish recurring revenue businesses
  • How finance leaders maintain hand-in-hand alignment with sales, starting with sales operations
  • Best practices for finance leaders to support or even take ownership of pricing and packaging strategies
  • What systems and processes finance teams require to be able to scale their operations to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of daily subscription changes
  • How a CFO can arm an entire company with key metrics to drive growth.

This webinar is for your if you're looking to own the sales process, and ultimately, take the lead on executing your companies growth strategies.

The Top 4 Priorities Every CFO Needs to Drive for Recurring Revenue Growth