The Rise of the ANZ Subscription Economy – Trends and Insights from Ovum Research

Trends and Insights from Ovum Research

Digitalisation is rapidly lowering the barriers to entry across the goods and services market, and enterprises are needing to establish unique positioning through a portfolio that is personalised, economic, and highly diversified in order to enhance their competitive advantage. Changing preferences and perceptions among consumers are also requiring that enterprises adopt smarter approaches around customer acquisition, monetisation, and lifetime engagement. As a result, a majority of enterprises are focused upon business and technology investments pertaining to a D2C approach – especially subscription and rental offerings.

In fact, a recent Australia / New Zealand wide study conducted by Ovum Research shows that 70 percent of Australian and New Zealand businesses are planning to make the shift to a subscription model in the next two to three years.

This move toward a subscription billing model is further supported by the same research, showing that Australians and New Zealanders spend an average of $660 AUD per month on subscriptions or recurring goods and services…

Attend this webinar where we’ll discuss:

  • The changing profile and preferences of the Australian and New Zealand consumer 
  • Australia and New Zealand subscription trends and how they compare globally 
  • An in depth look at the industries being disrupted by subscription business models and predictions for the next wave 
  • Subscription market potential and growth predictions for the next 3-5 years


John Kearney, MD APAC, Zuora









Kevin Noonan, Lead Analyst, Ovum Research

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