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The Future of the Connected Consumer

Turning Value Into Revenue

Connected data ecosystems—orchestrated by the likes of Philip Morris, Assa Abloy, Siemens Healthcare and the PSA Group—have proven to be disruptive forces in today’s IoT ecosystem. Considerable investments have been made in recent years to build the value network and optimise the customer experience model long-term.

Yet the roadmap to monetisation is still moving at slug pace...

For many businesses looking to scale up IoT innovation, they need to identify use cases across their core customer bases and select the business models that best fit their value propositions. But what are the requirements to determine the correct IoT value generated for customers?

Download this video to hear from our expert panelists as they share innovative practices for product as a service transformation and the structural implications.

You’ll learn:

  • Key considerations to maximise the impact of your IoT Proof of Concept
  • How to leverage data consumption tools to right sell customers
  • Winning strategies for a viable MVP model


Abhi Naha

CCO & Founder of PaaS Consortium

Cambridge Wireless

Tim Moore

VP of Innovation


Andrea Contri

IoT Ecosystem Director

Haier Group

Carl Bayliss

VP of Mobility & Home Energy


Maria Johansen

Senior Strategist, Subscribed Strategy Group