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The End of Ownership

Results from an international survey of twelve countries on changing consumer preferences in the Subscription Economy

In 2018, a Zuora survey conducted by The Harris Poll found that we were in the midst of a new era: The End of Ownership. Consumers were less interested in the status and ephemeral personal fulfillment that came from owning things. Instead, they were motivated by a desire for fulfilling experiences that enrich their lives. 

In 2020, The Harris Poll (on behalf of Zuora) revisited this trend. The result? Not only is the End of Ownership intact, it’s accelerating.

For all the upheaval wrought by COVID-19, one thing the pandemic has not altered is the momentum we’re seeing from ownership toward usership.

A new, fully digital society is emerging. Everywhere you look – from ecommerce, to connected cars and transportation, to smart medicine and reader-driven news – the world of business is becoming defined by relationships instead of products. Check out the full survey results to understand how the End of Ownership is changing, and what’s driving this shift. 

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