The Subscription Subledger Revolution

Why Finance teams are embracing the idea of a subledger

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Featuring speakers from Forrester Research, Inc & Okta

Finance teams at hundreds of companies – from enterprise behemoths to the latest IPO darlings  – have  struggled with the complexities to manage recurring revenue streams. But lately, an interesting shift has occurred. These teams, who are resistant to adding new systems to their world (and rightly so), have been embracing subscription subledgers. Find out why by tuning in. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Challenges your finance team will face with a subscription business model 
  • How subledgers can manage your subscription activities while integrating with your General Ledger 
  • Why both large enterprises and startups choose subledgers over ERP systems 
  • Essentials for optimizing and growing recurring revenue for your business

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Watch the webinar

Enjoy the webinar

Enjoy the webinar