Subscribed 2018

About the Video

When we #SubscribeToDiversity, we champion prioritizing diversity and driving meaningful change.

As part of our efforts around this critical topic, it’s become one of our most treasured Subscribed traditions to host a breakfast panel on diversity and inclusion.

At this year’s recent Subscribed conference in San Francisco, we launched a new theme for our breakfast discussion: #SubscribeToDiversity.

We were delighted to host Emily Chang, Anchor, Bloomberg Technology and author of BROTOPIA: Breaking up the Boys Club of Silicon Valley; Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Founder & CEO; Jennifer Tejada, CEO PagerDuty & Board Director Estee Lauder; and Tariq Meyers, Global Head of Belonging & Inclusion at Coinbase and prior Head of Diversity at Lyft.

Speaking the language of diversity and inclusion is learning a new language. It’s clumsy, your grammar is bad, you’ll possibly sound stupid and offend people. So people sometimes prefer not to speak it. But you just need to get out there and try and demonstrate that it’s okay to fail.

Jennifer Tejada, CEO PagerDuty & Board Director Estee Lauder