Subscribed Magazine

Fall 2017 Issue

Subscribed is the only business periodical dedicated to the Subscription Economy. It showcases stories around the profound, systemic commercial shift that’s currently underway from products to services, assets to outcomes. We feature best practices, helpful benchmarks, growth hacks and pointed interviews with Subscription Economy leaders.

Highlights of our Fall 2017 issue:

  • Fender: Reinventing Guitar for the Digital Age
  • Husqvarna: The 328-year-old Startup
  • The Secret Behind Dollar Shave Club’s Success in One Graph
  • Revenue Recognition DoomsDay Clock is Ticking
  • The SaaS Era of Digital Journalism
  • Pricing & Revenue Recognition: Two Sides of a Very Valuable Coin
  • The Business Logic Of LTV: Why Amazon Gives Things Away For “Free”
  • The 2017 Subscription Economy Index
  • A Nation Subscribed: A Survey Of UK Buying Habits

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