Subscribed 2018 Featured Keynote: Flipping the Script on Hollywood, Twice?

Featuring Mitch Lowe, CEO Movie Pass

About the Video

Mitch Lowe has played a significant role in changing the movie and television business forever. First as a co-founder of Netflix, the company that upended broadcast television and took down blockbuster. Next, as part of the executive team at McDonalds, he later launched Redbox, the hugely popular movie kiosk chain. His new mission at MoviePass is to bring people back to into the movie theatres and with 3 million subscribers and growing, that mission is well underway. Today, 1 in 30 movie tickets are purchased by MoviePass but some theatre chains don’t like it. They say it’s hurting their business and claim that MoviePass will be out of business soon. Who will be right? Join us for what’s sure to be a fascinating discussion about what happens when you’re courageous enough to put customers at the center of your business model.

Old school economies spend more time protecting their current business then innovating.

Mitch Lowe, CEO MoviePass