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Learn how you can improve collections. Here's a personalized consultation based on how you're using Zuora today.

Did you know that, on average, companies collect 94% of their invoices within 90 days of sending? If you're collecting below that you’re losing out on revenue. But don’t worry… we’re here to help! 

In this consultation with your Zuora account manager, our team will extract your Zuora tenant usage data to discuss possible strategies and tactics you could use to improve and maximize your recurring collections using Zuora Collect. Topics up for discussion include: 

  • Collect more cash up front
  • Minimize churn
  • Reduce collections costs
  • Increase visibility & collaboration in the collections process

On average, Zuora Collect has helped companies recover 150K in revenue annually. We can’t wait to schedule your consultation to talk about how Collect can optimize YOUR recurring collections. 


Zuora customer, TheStreet, recovered $100K+ in revenue in 6 months

“Zuora Collect has helped us reduce churn and freed up our sales team so they can focus on new business.” 

– Margaret de Luna, President


  • TheStreet was dealing with credit card declines, which resulted in fees charged by credit card companies and lost revenue
  • Zuora Collect allowed TheStreet to retry electronic payments based on the failure reason before dunning or writing-off unpaid balances, helping them recover $100K+ in revenue in 6 months
  • TheStreet was able to improve their credit card collections by 2X
  • TheStreet saw more than a 50% decrease in churn from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018

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In the meantime, watch a recent interview with TheStreet to see how they improved their credit card collections by 2X, resulting in $100K+ in revenue in 6 months.