Executive Roundtable: The Market, The Metrics, and the Makers

Featuring Pareto Securities and an established regional investor

4th October, 2023 | 11:00-13:00

Right now, business leaders across the world are grappling with global economic headwinds. But even amid increased inflation and bearish markets, we’re continuing to see recurring revenue business models provide durable growth and stability.

By providing ongoing value through outcomes and experiences, these services can become indispensable to customers, allowing the companies to nurture and monetize digital relationships.

Embracing such an opportunity requires a new way of thinking about your operating model and the metrics that you track to measure the health of your business and the relationship you have with your subscribers is the essential engine of all subscription business growth.

Please join us, Pareto Securities, and an established regional investor to discuss:

• Why recurring revenue businesses are so attractive to the market.

• Beyond just ARR, which metrics can both businesses and investors navigate by to predict the ability for a business to acquire, retain and grow customers. And how can a more granular approach to subscription metrics help improve market valuations?

• How are Nordic Subscription Economy companies using this new model to achieve sustainable growth and build resilience.

This is a closed-door event taking place during Subscribed Connect Stockholm.

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